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Our Competencies

HV/MV Substation
Electrical Engineering


Equipment Sizing & Selection

•Electrical Equipment Layout w/ 3D modelling

•HV/MV/LV Power Cable System Design

•Grounding System Design

•Lighting System Design

•Control, Protection System Design w/ cabling

•Automation & Telecommunication System Design w/ cabling

•Short Circuit & Load Flow Calculations

•Protection System Studies

•Sizing Calculations for Power System Equipment

•Grounding System Simulation

•Insulation Coordination

•Testing, commissioning & maintenance consultancy

Buildings & Infrastructure

Architectural Design w/ 3D modelling

•Geotechnical Analysis & Modelling

•Structural Design & Modelling for Substations

•Steel-Lattice Substation Tower Design

•Underground Drainage System Design

•Building LV Electrical Design

•Indoor & Outdoor Lighting Design

•Building Mechanical Design

•HVAC Design

•Fire Fighting System Design

HV/MV  Under Ground Cable

System Engineering


Route Options & Selection

•Cable Detailed Design

•Cable Rating Design

•Cable Thermal Simulations

•Pulling Tension Calculations

•Construction Engineering w/ 3D modelling

•Design/Installation of Cable Support Structures

•Testing, commissioning & maintenance consultancy

EHV/HV Overhead Line

•Transmission line design and tower spotting

   •Sag and tension calculations

   •Tower Structure list and BOQ Plan

   •Profile Drawings

   •Stringing data

   •Tower Loads for design

•Electrical design of transmission towers (conductor, insulator, hardware etc.)

• Steel-Lattice Transmission Tower Design

•Reinforced Concrete Foundation Design of Steel Towers (spread raft, pile, rock anchor etc.)

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